nbv is a visualisation studio specialising in the creation of Architectural Imagery. 


As Artists, our role is to communicate our clients' vision of architectural design, through means of carefully crafted digital imagery. Our studio style is soft and atmospheric and our images are built on the bones of strong compositions and light setting.

Our workflow is both 2D and 3D heavy and although the balance of these areas is dependent per project, our approach and end goal remain consistent - to craft an artistically driven image, which is created methodically, with a great amount of care and dedication. Much more than just a ‘CGI’ image.


It is super important to us that we provide a transparent and enjoyable collaboration and so if you would like to learn more about what is involved in our workflow process, please do get in touch and we can send you our handy Image Guide. 


Natasha Bourne | Director + Digital Artist
BSc (Hons) Computer Generated Imagery: Architectural Visualisation

Natasha graduated with Honours from Bournemouth University and began her career working within Architectural Practices within the South West of England.

Relocating to London in 2012, Natasha joined the then newly formed 'Forbes Massie' visualisation studio, where she would spend the next 4 1/2 years working as an Associate. Natasha went on to join Pixelflakes in East London as a Senior Artist, before founding nbv in 2017.

Adam Mozes | Associate + Digital Artist

MSc Architecture and Architectural Engineering


Adam graduated with Honours from Széchényi István University in Győr, Hungary with a Masters Degree in Architecture and gained a PRIMA award in 2011, which recognises the most talented Architects in Hungary. 


Adam worked with AV62 Architect's in Barcelona, Spain, before relocating to London in 2012 to join 'Forbes Massie' where he worked as Lead Artist. In 2015 Adam went on to become an Architectural Visualiser within award winning Architectural practice, AHMM.

Sophie Craven | Digital Artist

Marta Catillo | Digital Artist

Maria Villalobos | Digital Artist

Rachel Ferriman | Architectural Photographer


Adena Property Investments Inc

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris


BBH Chartered Architects Ltd

Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture

Gilmour Architects

Grayscale Architecture + Design


Hawkins \ Brown


Hollaway Architects

Hutchinson & Partners

Kirkland Fraser Moor

Morris + Company

Penoyre & Prasad


Ruff Architects

White Arkitekter

Willmott Dixon